Nursing Interventions for Lung Abscess

lung abscess


  1. Monitor patient’s temperature (degree and pattern) as there may be increased body temperature; note shivering / diaphoresis
  2. Monitor the temperature of the environment. Give a warm compress and teach and encourage family
  3. Review / monitor respiratory frequency, record the ratio of inspiration and expiration
  4. Auscultate breath sounds and note the existence of bronchial breath sounds
  5. Assist the patient to a comfortable position
  6. Perform adequate drainage thru postural drainage aided by percussion, effective coughing and breathing exercises.
  7. Observe the characteristic of cough
  8. Provide fluid intake of 3000 ml / day according to tolerance and provide a warm heart and fluid intake between meals instead of
  9. Give the drugs as ordered (antipyretics, bronchodilators, antibiotics)
  10.  Teach and encourage chest physiotherapy, postural drainage
  11. Drainage bronchoscopy may be ordered to aid in drainage of abscess.
  12. Ensure proper nutritional intake. Provide high calorie, high protein diet since chronic infection is associated with a catabolic state.

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