Nursing Interventions for Ebola Virus Infection

Nursing Interventions: Ebola Virus Infection

  1. Protect all areas of petechiae and echymoses for further injury.
  2. Watch for any changes in the patient’s respiration rate and pattern.
  3. Closely monitor the patient’s fluid and electrolyte imbalance.
  4. Monitor intake and output.
  5. Check the results of complete blood count and coagulation studies for signs of blood loss and coagulopathy.
  6. Test stools, urine and vomitus for occult blood; watch for frank bleeding.
  7. Teach the patient’s family about ebola virus infection.
  8. Monitor the patient’s family and other close contacts for fever and other signs of infections.
  9. Explain the importance of reporting any signs of bleeding.
  10. Explain the purpose of any diagnostic tests and procedures that the patient may undergo.

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