What is Elder Abuse?

Oftentimes, when a person thinks that his parents can no longer provide and take care of themselves nursing homes are considered the best option. With a variety of nursing homes promising ideal and effective care to aged clients picking up one may seem difficult for many. However, regardless of the location and the personnel these institutions offer, one sends his or her parents to facility that seems trustworthy to deliver the care the elderly deserves. Sadly a number of maltreatment issues have been reported lately and what may seem a haven for the elders turned out to be a place of torment.

Reports of physical abuse and maltreatment, ranging from the less serious ones such as not spending enough time to provide companionship to the elderly patient to more severe practices like not providing them food or water or physically abusing them in the form of hitting have become a bit common recently. One major issue, debated as of the moment, is whether or not verbal abuse a form of maltreatment in nursing homes.

Elders in nursing homes are sent to be taken care of. Care and attention does not only limit to meeting the elderly patient’s physical needs. It is spending quality time and therapeutically communicating with them. Although simple as it may seem, but keeping them company and lending an ear to listen the expressed thoughts and emotions contribute in promoting a quality lifestyle and pleasant place to stay. Furthermore, it also keeps them satisfied and emotionally balanced.

Abuse covers everything that leaves the victim feeling bad or leaving him with his well-being not in a state of wellness. Verbal abuse is no different than physical abuse. Although it may appear that it does no harm to the patient physically, verbal abuse could lead to feeling of hurt, remorse, or anger, which in turn, is not something good for the heart of the elderly. Hence, belittling or insulting a client is therefore considered maltreatment.

A patient should not be discriminated. Regardless of his age, sex or race, he should receive total, holistic care. This means that not only does a nursing home provide a patient his physical needs but also his emotional needs too. This entails spending enough time and allowing them to talk about how they feel. Verbal abuse is a form of maltreatment and no matter how insinuating the situation is it should be avoided at all times. That’s why we call ourselves nurses because we ‘nurse’ people not mistreat them.

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