Cost of Family Health Insurance Rose to 9%

According to a recent survey made by Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research and Education Trust, families across the America have paid a higher amount of money on health coverage aside from the health insurance fee their employers require. In summary, approximately 9% of the annual premium fee was calculated.

In figures, a worker is required to comply to a payment of $4,129 while employers should pay $10,944 annually as the surveys revealed.

Even though the premium has increased, the average pay of workers is still on its impending increase. This has left workers as a well as employers to tackle this heavy burden on their pockets monthly. The annual premium is a struggle literally on the workforce.

On the other side of the story, the new rate of the annual premium have allowed young adults to be covered with health insurances even if they are not yet employed. The maximum age that they are covered by the health coverage reached up to 26 years of age. This is actually beneficial for those who have left their homes for college or who moved out from their parent’s house.

Recently, about 2.3 million young adults have been covered by health plans since the new federal law has been taken into account. Compared to the previous study by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the present digits are overwhelming since the former prediction generated a possible drop of young adults that will be benefited by health insurance.

It is undeniable that as time goes by, everyone needs a health plan. This has been agreed by Ellen Andrews, an executive director of the Connecticut Health Policy Project. She further expands this idea in her statement that as health care becomes a requirement, the cost of these health care plans continued to increase.

In response to the survey made, America’s Health Insurance Plans claimed that in 2010, the health care spending in America and the profits from the health care plans were just less than a single percent. With this statement, more attention must be done on the increasing health care costs.

The rise of health care costs would even push the workers to limits, choosing medical service coverage compliance over food consumption. This is definitely a difficult decision for households.

Before the problem gets worse, it is encouraged that lawmakers should make a concrete step on discovering the factors that pushes the health insurance companies to ask an increase. They have the legitimate power to regulate such increase so that it won’t be a burden to the community.

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