Nursing Interventions for Primary Malignant, Bone Tumors

Nursing Interventions: Primary Malignant, Bone Tumors

  1. Administer analgesics as necessary. Make sure the patient has received his analgesic before morning care or any activity that may increase pain.
  2. Provide foods high in protein, vitamins and folic acid.
  3. Administer laxatives if necessary.
  4. Encourage fluids to prevent dehydration and record intake and output.
  5. Because the patient may have thrombocytopenia, make he uses soft tooth brush and an electric razor to avoid bleeding.
  6. Don’t give I.M. injections or take rectal temperature.
  7. During radiation therapy or chemotherapy, take measures to reduce adverse reactions, such as providing the patient with plenty of fluids to drink and saline mouthwash for gargling.
  8. Listen to the patient’s fears and concerns and offer reassurance when appropriate.
  9. Regularly monitor the patient’s degree of pain and the effectiveness of analgesics and other pain relief measures, such as positioning or guided imagery.
  10. Evaluate the patient’s coping ability and emotional state for signs of severe anxiety, depression, or inability to cope.
  11. Stress the importance of getting plenty of rest and sleep to promote recovery but encourage some physical exercise.
  12. Try to help the patient develop a positive attitude toward recovery and urge him to resume an independent lifestyle.

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