Faculty Member of Indiana State University Chosen for Leadership Development Program

Jack Jaeger, a faculty member of Indiana State University College of Nursing was chosen as a recipient of a leadership development program by the National League for Nursing. This is a one year national program that is given to academic members that have the potential to become a leader of change in the nursing field.

The Indiana State University College of Nursing family was so proud that one of their faculty members made it be one of the 20 nurse educators to receive such opportunity to advance their knowledge in nursing. These 20 nurse educators will undergo a year-long training under the program “Leadership Development Program for Simulation Educators”. The National League for Nursing has provided this type of program in order to teach nurse educators intensive theories and effective teaching using simulation. In the advancement of technology, the method of instruction in teaching nursing has also been improved with the use if simulation laboratories. The League has dedicated a part of their mission regarding the use of simulation centres. It is a great opportunity indeed to be included in such prestigious program. Aside from that, they also offer networking among nursing faculties and leaders across the country so that exchange of ideas and innovation in nursing education can be achieved.

Jack Jaeger is a proud faculty member and director of the Rural Health Innovation Collaborative (RHIC) Simulation Centre at Union Hospital. His primary role as a director of the Simulation Centre is to manage a group of ten organizations that brain storms new techniques of teaching and advancing knowledge among health care providers. His expertise in the area was rooted in his exposure as a critical care nurse in his early nursing career. This has levelled up into being a clinical nurse educator and had reached to 13 years now. He has also been a part of sepsis management as well as an exposure in the emergency nursing sharpened his ideals in honing the educational system of nursing. The National League of Nursing has announced their choice due to the credentials of this brilliant faculty member. His expertise in the actual healthcare setting has really indeed helped the Simulation Centre to project to nursing students what it is like in the scenario of hospital care.

The chosen nursing educators will collaborate in various activities that are related to innovation in nursing education. They will also have a chance to study ways to simulation as a means of teaching nursing. The cohort study will be lead by a famous professor from Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing Pamela Jeffries.

Aside from that, the National League for Nursing will also bring the group into webinars discussing leadership development as well forums about the present practice in nursing education.

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