Nursing Interventions for Bronchial Asthma

bronchial asthma

  • Assess the patient’s respiratory status by monitoring the severity of symptoms, breath sounds, peak flow, pulse oximetry, and vital
  • Obtain a history of allergic reactions to medications before administering medications.
  • Identify medications the patient is currently taking.
  • Administer medications as prescribed and monitor the patient’s responses to those medications; medications may include an antibiotic if the patient has an underlying respiratory infection. fowler or semi-fowler position
  • Administer humidified oxygen
  • Administer nebulizer of ventolin / normal saline
  • Observe for: cyanosis, breath sound, wheezing, respiratory rate apical pulse, blood pressure, pea expiratory flow.
  • Administer fluids if the patient is dehydrated.
  • Assist with intubation procedure, if required.
  • Provide rest and quiet environment
  • Monitor for deteriorating respiratory status and note sputum characteristics.
  • Teach patient and family about asthma (chronic inflammatory), purpose and action of medications, triggers to avoid and how to do so, and proper inhalation technique.
  • Instruct patient and family about peak-flow monitoring.
  • Encourage them to express the concerns.
  • Explain all procedures
  • Teach patient how to implement an action plan and how and when to seek assistance.
  • Obtain current educational materials for the patient based on the patient’s diagnosis, causative factors, educational level, and cultural background.
  • Emphasize adherence to prescribed therapy, preventive measures, and need for followup appointments.
  • Refer for home health nurse as indicated.
  • Home visit to assess for allergens may be indicated (with recurrent exacerbations).
  • Refer patient to community support groups.
  • Remind patients and families about the importance of health promotion strategies and recommended health screening.




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