Nursing Interventions for Cervical Cancer

Nursing Interventions: Cervical Cancer

  1. Listen to the patient’s fears and concerns, and offer reassurance when appropriate.
  2. Encourage the patient to use relaxation techniques to promote comfort during the diagnostic procedures.
  3. Monitor the patient’s response to therapy through frequent Pap tests and cone biopsies as ordered.
  4. Watch for complications related to therapy by listening to and observing the patient.
  5. Monitor laboratory studies and obtain frequent vital signs.
  6. Understand the treatment regimen and verbalize the need for adequate fluid and nutritional intake to promote tissue healing.
  7. Explain any surgical or therapeutic procedure to the patient, including what to expect both before and after the procedure.
  8. Review the possible complications of the type therapy ordered.
  9. Remind the patient to watch for and report uncomfortable adverse reactions.
  10. Reassure the patient that this disease and its treatment shouldn’t radically alter her lifestyle or prohibit sexual intimacy.
  11. Explain the importance of complying with follow up visits to the gynecologist and oncologist.

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