Nursing Interventions for Chancroid

Nursing Interventions: Chancroid

  1. Use standard precautions whenever you may come into contact with genital secretions – for instance, when collecting specimens and performing a physical examination.
  2. Administer anti-ineffective medications and, possibly, analgesics as ordered.
  3. Provide topical care by washing the affected area with soap and water, followed by a bacterial agent. Don’t allow the area to remain moist; this can enhance the growth of the organism.
  4. Report all cases of chancroid to the local board of health if required in your state.
  5. Examine the patient’s sexual contacts and refer them for treatment, even if they’re asymptomatic.
  6. Monitor the effectiveness of analgesic administration by asking the patient to rate his pain before and after receiving the drug.
  7. Inspect the ulcers for signs of healing as well as signs of localized infection.
  8. Instruct the patient to take his anti-infective medication for the period prescribed.
  9. Teach the patient not to apply creams, lotions, or oils on or near his genitalia or on other lesion sites.
  10. Advice the patient to abstain from sexual contact until follow-up evaluation shows that healing is complete usually about 2 weeks after treatment begins.
  11. Inform patient that condoms may provide protection from future infection.

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