Nursing Interventions for Ulcerative Colitis

ulcerative collitis

  • Discuss dietary modifications related to nutritional status and presence of ileostomy. Provide referral to dietitian for diet planning and teaching.
  • Teach importance of maintaining a high fluid intake and manifestations of dehydration.
  • Teach techniques to reduce stress so as to not worsen the
  • Teach food blockage management.
  • Administer total parenteral nutrition as ordered.
  • Administer anti-inflammatory medications as ordered.
  • Provide intravenous therapy.

For those with severe ulcerative colitis and patients with ostomy

  • Teach to empty and change ostomy pouch of choice.
  • Teach stoma and peristomal skin assessment with each pouch change.
  • Refer to local United Ostomy Association.
  • Provide list of local medical suppliers for ostomy appliances.

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