Nursing Interventions for Escherichia Coli

Nursing Interventions: Escherichia Coli

  1. Replace fluids and electrolytes as needed.
  2. Use proper hand-washing technique.
  3. Clean the perianal area and lubricate after each episode of diarrhea.
  4. give nothing by mouth, administer antibiotics as ordered, and maintain body warmth.
  5. Keep accurate intake and output records.
  6. Measure stool volume and note the presence of blood and pus.
  7. Monitor for decreases serum sodium and chloride levels and signs of gram-negative septic shock.
  8. Watch for signs of dehydration.
  9. Monitor vital signs to detect early indications of circulatory prolapse.
  10. Explain proper hand-washing technique to patient and family.

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