Nursing Interventions for Poliomyelitis

Nursing Interventions: Poliomyelitis

  1. Maintain a patent airway, and keep a tracheotomy tray at the patient’s bed side.
  2. Encourage a return to mild activity as soon as possible.
  3. Prevent fecal impaction by giving enough fluids to ensure an adequate daily urine output of low specific gravity.
  4. Provide tube feedings when needed.
  5. Provide good skin care, reposition the patient often, and keep bed linens dry.
  6. To alleviate discomforts, use foam rubber pads and sandbags or light splints as ordered.
  7. Wash hands thoroughly after contact with the patient or any of his secretions and excretions.
  8. Frequently check blood pressure, especially if the patient has bulbar poliomyelitis.
  9. Assess bladder retention that cause muscle paralysis.
  10. Have the patient wear high-top sneakers or use a footboard to prevent foot drop.
  11. Provide emotional support to the patient and his family.

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