Nursing Interventions for Pneumonia

Nursing Interventions: Pneumonia

  1. Maintain a patent airway and adequate oxygenation.
  2. Obtain sputum specimens as needed.
  3. Use suction if the patient can’t produce a specimen.
  4. Provide a high calorie, high protein diet of soft foods.
  5. To prevent aspiration during nasogastric tube feedings, check the position of tube, and administer feedings slowly.
  6. To control the spread of infection, dispose secretions properly.
  7. Provide a quiet, calm environment, with frequent rest periods.
  8. Monitor the patient’s ABG levels, especially if he’s hypoxic.
  9. Assess the patient’s respiratory status. Auscultate breath sounds at least every 4 hours.
  10. Monitor fluid and intake output.
  11. Evaluate the effectiveness of administered medications.
  12. Explain all procedures to the patient and family.

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