Typhoid fever Nursing Interventions

  • Take vital signs and teach patient family member how to take and record same.Changes in vital signs to describe the general state of the client.
  • Monitor the status of hydration (moisture of mucous membranes, skin turgor, adequate pulse, blood pressure orthostatic) if needed.Changes in hydration status, mucous membranes, skin turgor describe the severity of dehydration.
  • Monitor the input of food / liquid and count daily calorie intake. This provides guidelines to replace fluids.
  • Fluids and electrolytes should be monitored and replaced diligently. Oral nutrition with a soft digestible diet is preferable in the absence of abdominal distension or ileus.
  • Place patient in contact isolation during the acute phase of the infection. Feces and urine must be disposed of safely.
  • Teach members of the family how to report all symptoms to the attending physician especially when patient is being cared for at home
  • Collaborate with other medical team for IV fluid administration to meet fluid needs.
  • Teach, guide and supervise members of the family on nursing techniques which will contribute to the patient’s recovery
  • Interpret to family nature of disease and need for practicing preventive and control measures.
  • Demonstrate to family how to give bedside care such as tepid sponge, feeding changing of bedlinen,use of bedpan and mouth care
  • Any bleeding from the rectum, blood in stools sudden acute abdominal pain restlessness, falling of temperature should be reported at once to the physician or the patient should be brought at once to the hospital.
  • Assess the level of pain, location, duration, intensity and characteristics of pain.Changes in the characteristics of the pain may indicate the spread of diseases / complications occur.
  • Give warm compresses on the area of pain.


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