Z-Track Method Video

Z-track method of intramuscular injection is used to administer drug in a large muscle that prevents the leakage of the medication into the layers of subcutaneous tissues. It is named Z-track because after the techniques of this medication administration are implemented a zigzag path is responsible for sealing the drug in the muscles.

Irritating medications and those that cause discoloration such as Iron Dextran and Inferon preparations are administered intramuscularly using this method. Tissue irritation is minimized by the lateral displacement of the skin during injection that seals the drug into the muscle tissue, thereby, inhibiting the escape of drug injected into the subcutaneous layer of the skin.

The procedure requires a thorough concentration to the technique because leakage of the injected drug causes permanent staining of some tissues and patient uneasiness. A large and deep muscle must be used in this procedure. Preferably, the ventrogluteal muscle is usually selected as the site of IM injection.

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  1. Something that a lot of clinical instructors in the Philippines doesn’t know much about.
    A physician’s misdiagnosis can be brought 6 feet below the ground. A lawyer’s misrepresentation can be sent to prison, and a clinical instructor’s misteaching can be carried down for generations.

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