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Things you need to know about the Saudi Prometric Exam for Nurses

So, you’ve finally graduated. You survived no-sleep nights and stressful days. You’ve passed your local nursing board. You’ve claimed your license. And now, you have 3 years of hospital experience. What’s next for you? Should you stay in your hospital or is now the time to try your luck abroad?  You’ve been wanting to work […]

Psychiatric Nursing Mnemonics

Yesss you know you’ve read about it and yes, you know that you got those signs memorized last night, but still, blank. No answer. Nada. What were those again? With so much to do, tons to read about and lots to memorize in so little time, you sometimes just couldn’t help but experience a bit […]

5 Tips for Fresh Nursing Graduates

FREEEEDOOOOOMMMM!!! You hear yourself say. Finally, after all the struggles and sacrifices, you survived nursing school. Can you believe that? All those nights spent on drug studies, all the Friday night-outs you said “NO” to just to study for next week’s exams, all the occasions you missed for clinical duties, all the hours of sleep you lost. […]

Nursing Interventions for Severe Ulcerative Colitis

Put patient on NPO status (nothing by mouth) for bowel rest (especially if bowel perforation is suspected) Start IV fluids to maintain hydration and electrolytes Advise patient to limit activity Monitor bowel sounds Monitor vital signs Completion of an early warning assessment tool, such as the modified early warning score (MEWS), should be performed and […]

Nursing Interventions Atopic Dermatitis

Assess skin, noting color, moisture, texture, temperature; note erythema, edema, tenderness since specific types of dermatitis may have characteristic patterns of skin changes and lesions. Assess the skin systematically. Look for areas of irritant and allergic contact. Flexural areas (elbows, neck, posterior knees) are common areas affected in atopic dermatitis. Assess skin for lesions. Note […]

Nursing Interventions for Colostomy Irrigation

It will be Pia’s first day to go on duty at the surgical ward as a student nurse tomorrow and tonight, she is determined to do everything that she can to be prepared. She knows that she will be able to encounter different cases in the surgical ward. With that in mind, she is both […]