Nursing Interventions for Ectopic Pregnancy

  • Upon arrival at the emergency room, place the woman flat in bed.
  • Assess the vital signs to establish baseline data and determine if the patient is under shock.
  • Maintain accurate intake and output to establish the patient’s renal function.
  • Monitor maternalvital signs to determine the presence of hypotensionand tachycardiacaused byrupture or hemorrhage. Vital signs, especially the blood pressure and pulse rate, should be stable and within the normal range.
  • Patient must exhibit moist mucous membranes, good skin turgor, and adequate capillary refill.
  • Monitor intake and output. The patient must maintain adequate fluid volume at a functional level as evidenced by normal urine output at 30-60mL/hr and a normal specific gravity between the ranges of 1.010 to 1.021.
  • Monitor for presence andamount of vaginal bleeding to further assess thepresentsituationindicatinghemorrhage.
  • Monitor for increase and painand abdominaldistention andrigidity since increased painand abdominaldistentionindicatesrupture andpossibleintra-abdominalhemorrhage.
  • Monitor completeblood count(CBC) to determinethe amount of blood loss.
  • Provide comfort measures likeback rubs, deepbreathing.Instruct inrelaxation or visualizationexercises.Providediversional activities since these promote relaxation andmay enhancepatient’s copingabilities byrefocusingattention.
  • Diversionalactivities aids inrefocusingattention andenhancingcoping withlimitations.
  • Administer analgesics as indicated to maintainacceptablelevel of pain.


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