Nursing Interventions for Mastitis

Nursing Interventions: Mastitis

  1. Give analgesics as indicated.
  2. Provide comfort measures such as a warm soaks.
  3. Use meticulous hand-washing technique and provide good skin care.
  4. Regularly measure the patient’s temperature and assess the effectiveness of antipyretic agents.
  5. Inspect the patient’s breast daily for signs of impaired skin integrity, such as cracks and fissures.
  6. Advise the patient to take antibiotics as ordered.
  7. Stress the need to take the entire prescribed amount even if symptoms improve in the meantime.
  8. Reassure the patient that breast-feeding during mastitis won’t harm her infant because the infant is the source of the infection.
  9. If only one breast is affected, instruct the patient to offer the infant his breast first to promote complete emptying and prevent clogged ducts.
  10. Suggest applying a warm, wet towel to the affected breast or taking a warm shower to relax and improve her ability to breast-fed.

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