Nursing Interventions for Hodgkin’s Disease

Nursing Interventions: Hodgkin’s Disease

  1. Provide a well balanced, high calorie, high protein diet.
  2. Offer the patient grapefruit juice, orange juice, ginger ale to alleviate nausea and vomiting.
  3. Perform comfort measures that promote relaxation.
  4. Assess the patient for nutritional deficiencies and malnutrition.
  5. Explain all the procedures and treaments associated with the plan of care.
  6. If the patient is a woman of childbearing age, advise her to delay her pregnancy until long-term remission occurs.
  7. Stress the importance of maintaining good nutrition by eating small frequent meals and drinking plenty of fluids.
  8. Instruct the patient to pace his activities to counteract therapy induced fatigue.
  9. Stress the importance of good oral hygiene to prevent stomatitis.
  10. Advise the patient to avoid crowds and any person with a known infection.
  11. Make sure that the patient understands the possible adverse effects of his treatments.
  12. Advise the patient to seek follow-up care after he has completed the initial treatment.

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