Nursing Interventions for Crohn’s Disease

Nursing Interventions: Crohn’s Disease

  1. Provide emotional support to the patient and his family.
  2. Schedule patient care to include rest periods throughout the day.
  3. If the patient is receiving parenteral nutrition, provide meticulous site care.
  4. Give iron supplements and blood transfusion as ordered.
  5. Administer medications as ordered.
  6. Provide good patient hygiene and meticulous oral care if the patient is restricted to nothing by mouth.
  7. Record fluid intake and output, weigh the patient daily.
  8. If the patient is receiving TPN, monitor his condition closely.
  9. Evaluate the effectiveness of medication administration.
  10. Emphasize the importance of adequate rest.
  11. Give the patient a list of foods to avoid, including lactose-containing milk products, spicy or fried high-residue foods.
  12. Teach the patient about the prescribed medications, their desires effects and possible adverse reactions.

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