Nursing Interventions for Pseudomonas Infection

Nursing Interventions: Pseudomonas Infection

  1. For respiratory infection, maintain a patent airway by suctioning secretions whenever necessary and provide adequate oxygen.
  2. Administer ordered analgesics as needed.
  3. Protect immunocompromised patients from exposure to infection.
  4. Use strict sterile technique when changing dressings that involve infected wounds.
  5. Observe and record the character of wound exudates and sputum.
  6. Ask the patient about a history of allergies, especially penicillin.
  7. Monitor the patient’s hearing and renal function during treatment with aminoglycosides.
  8. Reinforce the importance of completing the course of antibiotic therapy as prescribed.
  9. Tell the patient to avoid drinking water when traveling to endemic areas.
  10. Avoid using humidifiers in the patient’s room.

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