Nursing Interventions for Polycystic Kidney Disease

Take patient history and perform assessment. Monitor vital signs especially blood pressure. Monitor renal function and urine elimination, hydration, fluid and electrolyte balance. Monitor daily weights Assess edema and promote skin integrity. Access site for dialysis (if appropriate) Give prescribed drugs, including ACE inhibitors to control hypertension (if giving diuretics, obtain specimens for serum electrolyte […]

Nursing Interventions for Small Pox

Place infected person immediately into strict isolation. Keep patient infected in isolation for 17 days or until the scabs fall off. Practice strict infection control measures while caring for the patient. Quarantine anyone who has come into contact with the infected person for up to 17 days prior to the onset of that infected person’s […]

Nursing Interventions for Tinea Cruris

Provide general nursing care for fungal skin diseases, which focuses on enhancing skin integrity, providing pain relief, preventing infection, and providing client and family teaching. Administer prescribed medications, which may include topical antifungal medication for mild conditions and griseofulvin or terbinafine for severe conditions. Instruct the client to avoid excessive heat and humidity as much […]

Nursing Interventions for Ulcerative Colitis

Discuss dietary modifications related to nutritional status and presence of ileostomy. Provide referral to dietitian for diet planning and teaching. Teach importance of maintaining a high fluid intake and manifestations of dehydration. Teach techniques to reduce stress so as to not worsen the Teach food blockage management. Administer total parenteral nutrition as ordered. Administer anti-inflammatory […]

Nursing Interventions for Psoriasis

Examine skin condition. Monitor vital signs. Assess skin color changes. Examine for signs of infection. Instruct the patient to not pinch or scratch the skin area Keep the infected area clean and dry. Reduce the formation of scales with the provision of bath oil Patient’s motivation for consuming nutrients: high in calories and high in […]

Nursing Interventions for Filariasis

Monitor client’s vital signs, particularly the temperature. Assess skin color and integrity. Note for wounds, bleeding or any skin changes. Assess for any discomfort and pain. Provide wound care. Elevate affected body area to reduce swelling. Administer medications if ordered and discuss them to the client. Assess for reactions to the drug therapy. Provide support […]