Stand up: Saying NO to a Nursing Assignment

From the moment we set foot in nursing school, we knew that along with the term “Nurse” are responsibilities that need to be fulfilled dutifully. From that moment, we dedicated our own lives to saving others, helping other people, especially the sick recover back to wellness, and everything that comes with it. However, there will […]

Nursing Interventions for Malignant Melanoma

Assessment A thorough assessment of the skin is to be done annually on any individual with fair skin, frequent sun exposure, nevi, blemishes, freckles, skin discolorations, or those who have a history of malignant melanoma or other forms of skin cancer. Collaborate with other healthcare when examining the patient’s skin, ensure that all areas have […]

Nursing Interventions for Primary Herpetic Gingivostomatitis in Young Children

Administer analgesics and topical anesthetics as needed to provide relief especially before meals to encourage food and fluid intake. Monitor hydration status since children are at risk for dehydration. Parents caring for children at home should be informed to report diminishing levels of fluid intake and urination. Encourage mouth care, the use of a very […]

Nursing Interventions for Brain Abscess

Obtain a thorough history of the patient including history of infections Nursing interventions should support the medical treatment, as do patient teaching activities that address neurosurgical procedures. Advise patients and families of neurologic deficits that may remain after treatment (hemiparesis, seizures, visual deficits, and cranial nerve palsies). Frequently assess neurologic status, especially LOC, speech and […]

Is Nursing for You?

You aspired for this. You have toiled hard. You have spent late nights studying. You have sacrificed a lot just to be where you are now. But despite these efforts, how do you know if this profession really is for you? Are you really fit to become a nurse? You have a great amount of […]