Nursing Interventions for Multiple Sclerosis

Nursing Interventions: Multiple Sclerosis

  1. Provide emotional and psychological support for the patient and family.
  2. Increase patient comfort with massages and relaxing baths.
  3. Administer medications as needed.
  4. Promote emotional stability. Help the patient establish a daily routine to maintain optimal functioning.
  5. Keep bedpan or urinal readily accessible because the need to void is immediate.
  6. Encourage adequate fluid intake and regular urination.
  7. Watch for adverse reactions to administered medications.
  8. Monitor bowel and bladder function during hospitalization.
  9. Assess patient’s neurologic status for deficits.
  10. Educate the patient nad her family about this chronic disease.
  11. Emphasize the importance of exercise.
  12. Teach the patient about bowel and bladder training if necessary.

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