Precautionary Measures While Doing the Nasal Gavage

The following precautions should be strictly observe during a nasal gavage:

1. The catheter should first be lubricated and in inserting it should be directed toward the septum of the nose. If there is difficulty in passing it, the tube should be removed and inserted again in the other nostril.

2. As the catheter is small, there is considerable danger of its passing into the larynx therefore the patients color and breathing should be observed closely before pouring in the solution which if the tube should be in the larynx would down the patient.

3. Even a small amount of food in the lungs would cause a severe irritation, and dyspnea and if, allowed to remain (that is if not cough up) would decompose and probably lead to a lung abscess or septic pneumonia, if the tube is in the trachea a whistling sound will be heard when the funnel is hold to ear, while if in the esophagus probably a gurgling sound will be heard.

4. As the tube is soft it may become coiled upon itself in the mouth or in the throat. If the fluid, is poured in while the tube is in this position it will cause gagging, checking and gasping. And will almost certainly enter the larynx causing dyspnea, cyanosis and later a possible abscess and septic pneumonia. Look in the mouth or pass the finger to the back of the throat to sea the tube is in position.

5. Before pouring in the solution, wait until the patient is at rest, until all distress has subsided and normal breathing is established and to make sure that the tube is in the esophagus.

6. Pour in only few drops at first, then pour the balance in very slowly, if there are not symptoms of checking

7. After all the fluid has left the funnel, pinch the catheter and quickly withdraw.


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