Nursing Interventions for Alzheimer’s Disease

Nursing Interventions: Alzheimer’s Disease

  1. Establish an effective communication system with the patient and his family to help them adjust to the patient’s altered cognitive abilities.
  2. Provide emotional support to the patient and his family.
  3. Administer ordered medications and note their effects. If the patient has trouble swallowing, crush tablets and open capsules and mix them with a semi soft food.
  4. Protect the patient from injury by providing a safe, structured environment.
  5. Provide rest periods between activities because the patient tires easily.
  6. Encourage the patient to exercise as ordered to help maintain mobility.
  7. Encourage patient independence and allow ample time for him to perform tasks.
  8. Encourage sufficient fluid intake and adequate nutrition.
  9. Take the patient to the bathroom at least every 2 hours and make sure he knows the location of the bathroom.
  10. Assist the patient with hygiene and dressing as necessary.
  11. Frequently check the the patient’s vital signs.
  12. Monitor the patient’s fluid and food intake to detect imbalances.
  13. Inspect the patient’s skin for evidence of trauma, such as bruises or skin breakdown.
  14. Encourage the family to allow the patient as much independence as possible while ensuring safety to the patient and others.

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