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The Orderly Robot

Mila was spending her vacant time surfing the web in an internet café. Both passing time and wanting to learn something new, she decided to search for the newest innovations in healthcare. She browsed through dozens of new technologies and discoveries when one particularly caught her attention: the orderly robot. Whoah, cool. So they utilize […]

Through the Years: Nursing Then and Now

High-technology equipment. Evidence-based practice. Innovative resources. These are what nursing and healthcare are at present. Indeed, nursing has come a long way. From just basing on instincts and superstitious beliefs when providing care, nursing practice has evolved almost beyond recognition. Let’s look back on nursing’s early years and see just how far it has progressed. […]

How to Apply for Saudi Prometric Exam for Nurses

Dina is itching to go out of the country and work as a nurse abroad. She has one place in mind – the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but from what she has heard from fellow nurses who are also aspiring for greener pastures outside the country, she still needs to take the Prometric Exam for […]

Things you need to know about the Saudi Prometric Exam for Nurses

So, you’ve finally graduated. You survived no-sleep nights and stressful days. You’ve passed your local nursing board. You’ve claimed your license. And now, you have 3 years of hospital experience. What’s next for you? Should you stay in your hospital or is now the time to try your luck abroad?  You’ve been wanting to work […]

5 Tips for Fresh Nursing Graduates

FREEEEDOOOOOMMMM!!! You hear yourself say. Finally, after all the struggles and sacrifices, you survived nursing school. Can you believe that? All those nights spent on drug studies, all the Friday night-outs you said “NO” to just to study for next week’s exams, all the occasions you missed for clinical duties, all the hours of sleep you lost. […]

What’s New in Healthcare: Tampons for Gunshot Wounds

Innovations in the healthcare profession have brought about numerous wonders in patient care. Not only they improve the care provided to patients, they also make life a bit easier for healthcare professionals. One of the most recent discoveries in the field is the so-called “Bullet Wound Tampon.” Ever saw a scene on television or in […]