Nursing Interventions for Buerger’s Disease (Thromboangiitis obliterans)

  • Patient teaching, instruct the patient to do the following several times a day:
    • Lie flat on a bed with both legs elevated above the level of the heart for two to three minutes.
    • Next sit on the edge of the bed with the legs dependent for three minutes
    • Then exercise the feet and toes by moving them up, down, inward, then outward.
    • Lastly, return to the first position and hold for five minutes.
  • Provide for ulcer debridement and healing
  • Remove dead or damaged material from the wound, using wet-to-dry dressing with saline solution and coarse-mesh gauze filled with cotton.
  • Use whirlpool therapy to debride the ulcer bed.
  • Consider using an enzymatic debrider to aid removal of debris.
  • Provide additional intervention to promote venous return and healing, maximize comfort and provide client education for measures to prevent venous stasis ulcer.
  • Administer medications which may include antibiotics.
  • The patient is encouraged to make the lifestyle changes necessitated by the onset of a chronic disease, including pain management and modifications in diet, activity, and hygiene (skin care).
  • The nurse assists the patient in developing and implementing a plan to stop using tobacco.

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