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Kansas State Sets Standard on How Nursing Home is Managed

After the loss of Wichita Nursing Center’s nursing home license the month before, it sent waves throughout an industry that has not witnessed a license revocation for more than 10 years. Located at 2840 S. Hillside, the center was closed following an inspection done in August by the Kansas Department of Aging. The investigation uncovered […]

Escalating Needs of Doctors in Nursing Homes

The fresh article from New England Journal of Medicine, emphasizing troublesome healthcare change in a section of nursing home patients, certainly is a worthy documentary. But, for those of us with experience in the real-world of nursing home medical care venue, the article isn’t really that surprising. A lot of our country’s nursing home personnel […]

Nurse Earning More than $800,000 in Three Years

During a search of the salaries of employees on the Sacramento Bee’s website, a certain CMC employee’s paycheck is now under scrutiny. Registered nurse Jean Keller has earned over $819,000 starting from the year 2008 until 2010. California Correctional Health Care Services stated that Keller has her salary tripled last year with overtime pay. Based […]