Nursing News

5 Tips for Fresh Nursing Graduates

FREEEEDOOOOOMMMM!!! You hear yourself say. Finally, after all the struggles and sacrifices, you survived nursing school. Can you believe that? All those nights spent on drug studies, all the Friday night-outs you said “NO” to just to study for next week’s exams, all the occasions you missed for clinical duties, all the hours of sleep you lost. […]

What’s New in Healthcare: Tampons for Gunshot Wounds

Innovations in the healthcare profession have brought about numerous wonders in patient care. Not only they improve the care provided to patients, they also make life a bit easier for healthcare professionals. One of the most recent discoveries in the field is the so-called “Bullet Wound Tampon.” Ever saw a scene on television or in […]

Hepatitis C Treatment Made Easy

Though Hepatitis C has been treatable for some time, only a few of those who started the treatment get to stick with it long enough for the virus to be wiped out. Well, that is about to change since the prognosis for people with hepatitis C has improved intensely in the last few years, thanks […]

Self-Assembling Materials as Artificial Veins

For years, researchers have found a way to generate artificial veins. However, most of those attempts at creating artificial veins don’t come close to imitating organic processes. In recent years, researchers at Queen Mary University London (QMUL) have established a self-assembling organic material that grows and changes shape, possibly leading to artificial veins. These researchers […]

Giving hope for Cancer patients: Checkpoint Inhibitors

Tessie tears a bit after reading a tear-jerking chapter from the book she’s currently obsessed with. Why on earth should her favorite character die because of lung cancer? Aren’t there any treatments that could cure lung cancer? Would’ve she gotten better? She scolds herself for being too emotional and too attached to the story. As […]

Issue in Healthcare: Mandatory Flu Vaccines for Health Workers

CDC, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), and the Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee (HICPAC) endorse that all U.S. health care workers get vaccinated annually against influenza including physicians, nurses, nursing assistants, therapists, technicians, emergency medical service personnel, dental personnel, pharmacists, laboratory personnel, autopsy personnel, and students and trainees. Also included in the […]