Royal Hampshire County Hospital’s Nursing Service Questioned for Integrity

A woman from Winchester has apparently disapproved of the standards of nursing at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital.

A diabetic patient, Hazel Burt, went to the hospital on the 18th of September when she was going through neuralgia, relentless pain in her face as a result of nerves that have been damaged.

She was brought to the Emergency Medical Assistance Unit, however, she then went through a hypo attack which resulted from a low blood sugar, which brings about sweating as well as palpitations.

Mrs. Burt, who is 68 years old, went to say that she was completely soaked and requested a girl to change her and change the bed sheet and after saying so, the girl just simply walked out of the room.

Mrs. Burt continued that later in the evening the girl came back in the room and then got hold of her and then tossed her on a chair with the wet nightie still on her. Mrs. Burt said she was on the chair for the remainder of the evening and then at 07:20A.M, just ten minutes before the end of the shift, the girl came back inside and was very much in a hurry as if there was no tomorrow and then changed her clothes and changed the bed as well. Mrs. Burt said she had to try so hard just to get herself up from the chair, however, she could not, and she just kept falling down, and when she asked for assistance from the girl, the girl plainly looked at her, and when told that she could not walk, the girl just laughed.

Mrs. Burt, from Mountbatten Place, Kings Worthy, was then transferred to Freshfield Ward where she asserted that it took the personnel beyond an hour just to respond to calls made by six patients, including herself, in an effort just to get noticed for a patient who was needing assistance in going to the toilet.

Mrs. Burt went on to say that she does not want any cash or any form of compensation and neither does she want anyone to lose their works, however, she just wanted an apology to her, and that she would never, ever want to go back to the place again.

A representative for the hospital stated that Winchester and Eastleigh Healthcare NHS Trust accepts complaints on the subject of patient care very much seriously and that they are sorry if Mrs. Burt feels that the care for her on this incident went down beyond their usual high standards. He continued that should Mrs. Burt want to compose a formal complaint to their Patient Advisory and Liaison Service, they will examine her concerns comprehensively.

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