Nursing Interventions for Patients with Tuberculosis

  1. Maintain respiratory isolation until patient responds to treatment or until the patient is no longer contagious.
  2. Administer medicines as ordered.
  3. Always check sputum for blood or purulent expectoration.
  4. Encourage questions and conversions so that the patient can air his or her feelings.
  5. Teach or educate the patient all about PTB.
  6. Encourage the patient to stop smoking.
  7. Teach the patient to cough or sneeze into tissue paper and dispose secretions properly.
  8. Advise patient to have plenty of rest and eat balanced meals.
  9. Be alert for signs of drug reaction.
  10. If the patient is receiving ethambutol, watch for optic neuritis. If it develops, discontinue the drug.
  11. If the patient receives rifampicin (Rifampin), watch for hepatitis and purpura. Also observe the patient for complications like hemoptysis.
  12. Emphasize the importance of regular follow-up examinations and instruct the patient and his family about the signs and symptoms of recurring TB.

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