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Adalat Nursing Responsibilities

Generic Name: Nifedipine Brand Name: Adalat, Adalat CC, Nifedical XL, Procardia, Procardia XL Classification:¬†Antianginal, Antihypertensive, Calcium Channel Blocker Indications: Hypertension Angina pectoris Vasospastic angina Raynaud’s phenomenon Mechanism of Action The action of Nifedipine is based on the fact that this medication works by slowing the movement of calcium in the muscle cells that are found […]

Succimer Nursing Responsibilities

Brand Name: Chemet Classification:¬†Chelating Agent Indications: Treatment of lead poisoning in children with serum lead levels >45 mcg/dL Treatment of lead poisoning in symptomatic adults Antidote of lead poisoning Mechanism of Action Succimer is a lead chelator. It forms water soluble chelates with heavy metals and, consequently, increases the urinary excretion of lead. Succimer binds […]