Nursing News

Woman Recovered from Illness with the Help of Private Carers

Because a woman was not very happy regarding the level of care that some nurses were providing her elderly mother, she decided to hire private carers to work undercover and have them look after her mother. Annette Townend, who acted out of desperation, shelled out £1,000 to hire private carers to provide her mother, who […]

New Nursing Home Soon to Rise in Manchester

Manchester – Last Thursday, some Manchester Rehab Realty representatives introduced a fresh site plan for the establishment of a nursing facility in the Lareau’s backyard. The meeting was attended by some 450 people and one of them was Richard Lareau from Shorin Waywas. As of June, the town’s Zoning Board of Adjustment has carried out […]

Minister of Health Proposed to Decrease Student Nurses Pay

James Reilly, Minister for health, has disregarded strategies initially being offered by the former government to eliminate payment for those who are student nurses and midwives throughout their obligatory placement period of 36 weeks in hospitals. Right after a review that was concluded in current days, the Minister has come to a decision that the […]

Nurses Must Heed Assisted Suicide Requests by Clients

The Royal College has given a new advice: nurses should ignore the urge to brush off patients asking for help to die. The recent RCN guidance When Someone Asks for Your Assistance to Die which was released today, states the plea ought to head to a conversation to set up the patient’s reasons and this can be […]

Heart Failure Hospitalizations Continuous to Drop

In the years ranging from 1998 and 2008, there was a significant drop of hospitalizations linked with heart failure among patients who have Medicare, however, this drop had a lower percentage for black men, based on a research. The research also revealed that one-year mortality ratios have slightly gone done during this time frame, although […]

DOLE Urged Unemployed Nurses to become Entrepreneurs

Problems of unemployment amongst graduates of nursing in the Philippines are being continually dealt with by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). Their most current recommendation is to persuade nurses to take on entrepreneurship. The increased supply of the Philippines’ nursing graduates has become a quite a problem not only for the nation but […]