Nursing News

Hospital Requires Blood Glucose Test

Hyperglycemia, one of the most common and serious health problems among hospitalized clients, increases an individual’s risk to life-threatening complications. This condition affects even non-diabetic hospitalized clients. Characterized with a high blood sugar level, this health problem affects around 32 to 38% of inpatient individuals in community hospitals based on an observational study. Advancement of […]

Nursing Home’s Focus: Rehabilitation

Soon to rise on Springfield’s west side is a nursing home with a 75-bed capacity. This facility will concentrate more on short-term rehabilitation while providing the services as well as hospitality a fashionable hotel. This statement was from the developers of the projects. Brian Levinson, partner of Platinum Healthcare, stated that this is for those […]

Drug Addicted Nurse Allowed to Work by the State

The state was aware that nurse Jerold L. Mullins has been taking drugs from hospitals and other employers he had, yet he was never given any type of punishment from state regulators. For about 15 years, Mullins has jeopardized patient safety and well-being by providing care for them even though he was high on drugs. He took […]

Low Medicaid Reimbursement Rates in Iowa

In Mason City, low reimbursement rates for several assisted living centers in Iowa is pushing people who are not in need of 24-hour care into care centers that are more expensive, said a state health care official to North Iowa caregivers, seniors and care center officials. Executive director Steve Ackerson of the Iowa Health Care […]

Men in Nursing Profession Pushing Ways to Make a Difference

Along with the rising population of men in nursing is the drive for those who are already in the field to find ways that they can influence healthcare. The American Assembly for Men in Nursing (AAMN), bearing this in mind, received members to the celebration of its 36th annual conference in Lexington, KY on Oct. 19-21. […]