Employment Issues – CNA’s are pushing for better pay

Certified Nursing Assistant or Nurse Aide is considered to be the nurses’ link to their patient. They are the one who give direct care to the clients such as bathing, feeding and grooming them. They were given tasks that they should perform and they are responsible for it. In exchange for their work, they were, of course, compensated for it. The rate of Health Aides every hour is different for every state. It depends on their laws and regulations affecting the healthcare field. But the average pay for a Health Aide would range from $8 to $14 per hour, and not yet included were the pay for overtimes as well as bonuses.

However, it has been an subject of talk now, regarding the employment issues where CNA’s are pushing for better pay. There are a lot of unions of health aides that claimed that they were not compensated very well for the job that they do. They said that they were given responsibilities and that the pay that they were receiving is not enough to cover the risk that was part of it. When working in the healthcare industry, there are always risks that comes with it, especially that you are dealing with lives and mistakes should not be allowed to happen. So everything should be calculated and that you should make sure that you are giving the patient the care that they truly deserved. That is what some Nurse Aide is clamoring about. They give their all when taking care of their patients and that sometimes, their workload are way beyond their capacity and yet their pay has never been enough. Whatever they are receiving is sometimes not even enough to meet their needs as well as the needs of their family. They claimed that they work very hard but they feel that they are not receiving what really they are worth of. There are also issues that what adds more weight to the topic is that, lesser pay means lesser appreciation to the work that they are doing. After all, they are there to assist and help the other members of the health team in doing their job. They make life easier especially for nurses and yet, they didn’t get the pay that they thought they deserve. That is why they are really pushing for a much better pay.

This is one of the employment issues that people in the administration should look into. After all, Certified Nursing Assistant is also considered to be part of the healthcare team and they should be considered as important as the other member.

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One thought on “Employment Issues – CNA’s are pushing for better pay

  1. I recently re-located to Iowa from Minnesota. I’m currently licensed as an RN in the state of Minnesota.
    The state of Iowa is my “home” state and have been licensed in Iowa 3 times in the past. I’m having financial difficulty obtaining a current Iowa nursing license. My RN license is “clean,” has always been for 24 years.
    I ‘m excited to begin working in Iowa, yet I’m not sure how to achieve my license.
    Any suggestions?
    Is it possible for a facility to pay for my Iowa nursing license?
    Comments/Suggestions are welcomed.

    Kind regards,

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