Nursing Interventions

Nursing Interventions for Enema Administration

Check the doctor’s order. Provide privacy. To prevent feeling of embarrassment. Promote relaxation. To relax anal sphincter and facilitate insertion of rectal tube. Position the client: Adult – left lateral position. Infant/Small children – dorsal recumbent position. Sizes of rectal tube to be used are as follows: Adult – Fr. 22-32 Children – Fr. 14-18 […]

Nursing Interventions for Patients with Tuberculosis

Maintain respiratory isolation until patient responds to treatment or until the patient is no longer contagious. Administer medicines as ordered. Always check sputum for blood or purulent expectoration. Encourage questions and conversions so that the patient can air his or her feelings. Teach or educate the patient all about PTB. Encourage the patient to stop […]

Nursing Interventions in IV Infusion

It is very important to know the following nursing interventions in IV infusion: Verify the doctor’s order Know the type, amount and indication of IV therapy. Practice strict asepsis. Inform client and explain purpose of therapy. PRIME IV tubing to expel air. This will prevent air embolism. Clean the insertion site of IV needle from […]

Nursing Interventions Before Bronchogram

Bronchonography A radiopaque mediumĀ  is instilled directly into the trachea and bronchi and the entire bronchial tree or selected areas may be visualized through x-ray. Nursing Interventions before Bronchogram Secure written consent. Check for allergies to seafoods or iodine or anesthesia. NPO 6 to 8 hours. Pre-op meds: atropine SO4 and valium, topical anesthesia sprayed […]