Acne Cleanser on TV

My friend John tried an acne cleanser advertised on TV. After a few days, he just simply says that It worked very well. I couldn’t help but agree. Because before, when he was still on a graveyard shift, you will surely notice the redness in his face. Considering the amount of money that he spent […]

Dealing with Migraine

Migraine was the most common illness (should I say) that really makes me irk. Not only that it distorts the way I work, it also leaves me in a very very bad mood. What I do before is just sleep and let it fade away but it’s not working anymore. I searched for natural migraine […]

Stop Smoking or get a Substitute

Have you heard of electronic cigarette? Me neither. But a quick google tells me that it is actually a substitute to your regular cigars! It helps you make that SWITCH from the harmful smoke. It does not contain tobacco. It simply imitates the taste of your old cigar but without the awful smell of smoke […]

Home Repairs

Home maintenance is a problem to everyone, specially me. I admit, not everything inside our house is easy to maintain and repair. There were things like the motor in our water pump needs to be repaired. Good thing that we have now motor home repairs. It lessens the burden of having to fix everything on […]