Nursing Procedures

Giving an Insulin Injection

Lydia, a student nurse, is assigned to assist a staff nurse who is caring for a diabetic patient. According to the patient’s chart, the patient is due to receive an insulin injection in 15 minutes. Since it will be her first time to observe such procedure, she couldn’t help but feel both excited and anxious. […]

Nursing How To’s: Changing A Wet to Dry Dressing

While there are wounds that heal on their own without the need for dressing to help them heal, there are also those that require a dressing to allow them to heal properly and keep out elements that can cause the wound not to heal properly. The wound’s dressing allows the dead skin cells to collect […]

Understanding NGT

As nurses and student nurses, we oftentimes find patients during hospital duties with that narrow and long tube dangling from their noses. Yeah, we have come to know that is called a Nasogastric Tube or most well known with its abbreviation, NGT. Back in nursing school, when everybody starts going to hospitals for duties, a […]

Newborn Procedures

An impending birth of a child can be exciting and yet crucial. Being one of the health care workers witnessing the birth of a child is a unique role. You will be able to witness life as it unfolds. With the responsibility placed upon nurses during the delivery of a baby, baby care is an […]

Intraosseous Cannulation

Children under severe dehydration or respiratory compromise must have a portal of entry for fluids, blood and medication that must be absorbed by the body quickly. This is the job of intravenous route, however with given situation as well as time elapsing a procedure other than intravenous cannulation must be introduced. Intraosseous cannulation answers this […]

(VIDEOS) Nursing Procedures

These are the nursing procedure videos that we have posted for the past two (2) months. We will have more soon but if you have your own personal creation or demonstration of your nursing skills and you haven’t have it online, hit us up on the comment section and we will have posted here at […]