Thai Nurse forced to Resign because of ‘Overly Sexy Uniform’

Photos of a nurse from Thailand went viral after dressing an “Overly sexy uniform’. Thailand is known for being a very conservative country.

Parichat ‘Pang‘ Chatsri was said to have brought “shame to her profession” after some of her private photos were shared on the group page of the Thai Nurse Lovers Association and instantly became widely shared on social media earlier this month.

18556156_1341546475882383_3224753715842355945_n-1 18620475_1341546525882378_3901833112444017682_n 18528006_1341546509215713_1575926143706917968_n 18555981_1341546482549049_6278420170434518682_n 18527885_1341546542549043_3491481586390816970_nThough it’s not really overly scandalous as it seems specially in western countries, it is regarded as very provocative in a conservative country of Thailand. Netizens also accuses Chatsri that she is ‘inappropriate’ leading to her resignation. Chatsri issued an apology and responded to the board:

“I explained to the board at the hospital but they have high regards for the hospital’s image,” she was quoted as saying. “I understood them, and I didn’t want it to be a big deal. So I took responsibility by resigning.”

“I’d like to apologize to the Thailand Nursing and Midwifery Council and the hospital. I don’t want the public to judge all nurses based on my image,” she added.

“I do not want trouble. It happened and I was responsible. I need to improve myself,” she said.

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18 thoughts on “Thai Nurse forced to Resign because of ‘Overly Sexy Uniform’

  1. As an RN in the US, trust me, that’s an extremely low key outfit, & nothing about it is “sexy”……’s the fact that this nurse is just plain straight up HOT. She could be wearing a bedpan & still look awesome. Give me a break. There’s no shame in being attractive. It’s 2017, get with the times

  2. Are you kidding me? If you are a nurse, you should know what kind of movements are required to do your job. If she she reach for something, her butt will show. There is a reason why nurses wear scrubs now.

  3. Mk says:
    June 21, 2017 at 10:05 pm
    If they don’t want Nurses to be sexy,why did they make the uniforms so sexy in the first place?

    MK, nurse in some states or hospitals or even in the clinics mostly nurses provide there own uniforms, Now you know why? or Should i elaborate more for you…. .

  4. MK, nurse in some states or hospitals or even in the clinics mostly nurses provide there own uniforms, Now you know why? or Should i elaborate more for you…. .

  5. That’s a little too short for her job when she has to bend and move in many different ways. A nurse needs to look efficient, not sexy. But she is a stunning young woman. All she needed to do was lower her skirt a few inches and I’m not seeing any boobs. What’s the big deal – just do and keep your job. Is it really worth losing it for a skirt?

  6. Oh c’mon give me a break. She just happens to be pretty and sexy. She’ll still be as hot even if she wears a pair of pants. What is more important is that she performs her job well as a professional nurse. We should have more of them in our hospitals.

  7. Do you see the History of Nurse? Do you know Lady in the Lamp? Students Thai Nurse got to know that since the first year of class. There is no topic to say about nurse dressing sexy…because Nurse are cover themself before going out to cover the other pains.
    An apologize or resign are only child’s reason. She will be grow up on her way not under Thailand Nursing and Midwifery Council. She did resign,that’s right!

  8. I am a nurse, you can’t work well in any areas mainly in special areas on that kind of uniform. It’s not comfortable lol. I bet her colleagues get mad while working with her on same shift coz she is not doing her job actively and fast. I wear scrub, coz I run, bend, pull, and carry.

  9. I don’t care about her uniform, that she’s pretty or sexy. What I care about is the fact that in one of her photos, she’s sitting on the floor. Is there a reason for that? Hello infection control?

  10. Maybe wasting time during work taking pictures sitting on a dirty floor to put on social media is the real problem? She probably wore these outfits numerous times and never had problems until she took photos of herself. Nurses should never take pictures at work.

  11. Yes she is wearing a uniform to practice Bedside nursing and technically she is wearing a wrong design which is supposed to be wore in a Five star Hotel so she is in a wrong uniform working at wrong place at the wrong time this conduct may be acceptable may be after 2020.No hard feelings my dear !

  12. Yes she does look like a slut ! I am a nures and we sure as hell don’t dress like that. And we work hard for a living, we are not WINDOW DRCORATIONS FOR DOCTORS !!!

  13. This is considered an inappropriate uniform because if a nurse wears a pencil skirt, it should be on knee level or below the knee and not higher to look professional. Most high ranked nurses are the ones who wear this type of uniform. Most nurses wear scrubsuits to comfortably assist their patients because our work involves turning and moving patients, running and bending. So this is really inappropriate. It’s good that she took it responsibly and I hope she realizes that the nursing job is not a modelling career.

  14. Worrking Nurse should be clean & PRESENTABLE but She is wearing to be in the reception & Hospital facade works only.

  15. Hot or not, she should wear something that will cover her butt if she should have to bend/reach, this outfit will not do that, as all nurses reach/bend for items throughout their shift. It is not an outfit to be worn while working…But then again, this looks like a photo-shoot…

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