Dependability of Nursing Informatics System

Dependable System

  • Is the measure of the reliability, integrity and performance of the system.
  • Trustworthiness of a computing system which allows reliance to be justifiability placed on the service it delivers.
  • Availability performance and its influencing factor such as reliability performance, maintainability performance and maintenance support performance.
  • Measure of the effectiveness of the healthcare delivery, quality of service and quality of care through the use of health information system.
  • Encompasses the reliability, integrity, confidentiality and security of the data, information and the process.

Factor that Affects Dependability of System


  • Discrepancy between actual results and behavior from the expected or the reference condition or expected performance.
  • Resulted when an incorrect reading is registered in the measuring equipment, the measuring device is malfunctioning unnoticeably, mishandling of data, incorrect reading of data (honest mistake), the computer system does not properly process the data, a potential bug is existing in the processing of tables and indexes.


  • Due to computer program bug which is considered a defect in a system.
  • Presence of a fault in health information system may or may not lead to failure.


  • Condition in which the system performs unnecessarily or the function is contrary to its specification or the expected condition.
  • An error may not necessarily cause a failure but a persistent fault can have an impact that mitigates a failure condition.

Nursing Minimum Data Set (NMDS)

  • Provides a formal structure for electronic healthcare data elements and components to support nursing care in all settings.
  • Comparable to other health care data sets except that it includes an additional nursing care elements and a unique provider number for each healthcare provider.
  • Categorization scheme for the standardization of collection, integration, storage, classification, retrieval and reporting of essential nursing data.
  • Allow for the analysis and sharing of nursing data, nursing strategies and nursing application.

Three categorical scheme or elements which include the following:

Nursing Care Elements

Patient Demographic Elements

  • Personal identification
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • Nationality
  • Residence

Service Elements

  • Unique facility or agency number elements
  • Unique patient health record number
  • Unique number of principle registered nurse
  • Episode admission
  • Discharge or termination date
  • Disposition of patient
  • Expected payer for medical bill

Minimum Data Set

  • Provides the specific reference information for the user such as the drug uses, dosage requirement, and direction for use, active ingredients, dates, and other relevant information.

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