Nursing Interventions for Diabetic Gangrene

  • Teach the patient to mobilize since mobilization improves blood circulation.
  • Perform health teaching about the factors that can increase blood flow such as:
  • elevating the legs slightly lower than the heart (elevation position at rest)
  • avoiding tight bandage
  • avoiding using a pillow, behind the knees and so on.
  • Teach patient about the modification of risk factors such as through:
  • Avoiding high-cholesterol diet (High cholesterol can accelerate the occurrence of atherosclerosis)
  • Using relaxation techniques (relaxation to reduce the effects of stress)
  • Cessation of smoking (smoking can cause vasoconstriction of blood vessels)
  • Cooperate with other health team in the provision of vasodilators, regular blood sugar checks and oxygen therapy (HBO). Vasodilator administration will increase the dilation of blood vessels so that tissue perfusion can be improved, while the regular blood sugar checks can be up to date and state of the patient, to improve the oxygenation of the HBO ulcer / gangrene.

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