Preparing the Skin for a Surgical Operation

Preparing the Skin for a Surgical Operation I. Purpose: To make the skin as clean as possible with a minimum irritation to prevent infection II. Preparation of the Patient and the Environment: Explain the procedure to the patient. Close the window if necessary Draw the curtains

Nurse Charting

Purpose of Charting: To make record of— The significant observation of the patient’s condition both mental and physical. The medication, treatment, diets and nursing care given and the reaction of the patient to this care. The incident which might have some bearing on the patient’s condition.

Cleaning Sputum Cups

I. Equipment: Tray with big basin of disinfectant solution. Creosol solution 5%. Medicine glass A pitcher of 1% creosol solution Sputum cup brush Several pieces of dusting cloth Sapolio or Cleanser Short-sleeved gown II. Procedure: Put on the gown. Collect all the sputum cups in a tray. Empty their contents into the hopper. Wash with […]

Cleaning Bedpans and Urinals

I. Equipment: Tray with bedpan brush, bedpan swab Short-sleeved gown Can of disinfectant solution Soap or any cleanser Several pieces of dusting cloth II. Procedure for Cleaning Bedpans and Urinals Put on the short-sleeved gown Collect the bedpans Empty the contents one by one into the hoper. Wash with clean cold water. Use brush p.r.n. […]

Tube Feeding

Tube feeding is the introduction of nourishment into the stomach by mechanical means through the hose and/or mouth. Points to Remember: Give mouth care frequently at least 4 times daily. Wet lips and mouth frequently. If not contraindicated, let patient chew some solid food but do not allow him to swallow. Equipments: Tray with: Feeding […]