Cleaning Sputum Cups

I. Equipment:

  • Tray with big basin of disinfectant solution. Creosol solution 5%.
  • Medicine glass
  • A pitcher of 1% creosol solution
  • Sputum cup brush
  • Several pieces of dusting cloth
  • Sapolio or Cleanser
  • Short-sleeved gown

II. Procedure:

  1. Put on the gown.
  2. Collect all the sputum cups in a tray.
  3. Empty their contents into the hopper. Wash with cold water. Rinse with hot water. Use brush p.r.n.
  4. Place cup in basin of disinfectant solution of 5% Creosol solution for 2 hours.
  5. Remove after, clean inside and out with soapy warm water. Remove stains.
  6. Rinse with hot water and dry the outside.
  7. Fill each sputum cup with 50 cc of 1% of Creosol solution and place in the trays, distribute back to each patient.
  8. For children and delirious patients, do not put Creosol solution inside their sputum cups.

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