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Suctioning Techniques

Suctioning Techniques Overview

Suctioning is a procedure done in order to assist in the removal of bronchial secretions that cannot be expectorated by the patient spontaneously. It is a shared procedure between the Respiratory Care and the Nursing service and may be done on a PRN basis.

Usually it is indicated if there are secretions visibly present in tube orifice, there are coarse tubular breath sounds on auscultation in a patient who is unable to cough or without artificial airway in place, and for patients with an artificial airway.

Road to the Future: Nursing Informatics

Road to the Future: Nursing Informatics

Change isn’t always bad. Sometimes, it may bring about advantages that may be of help in improving life situations, take for example technology and how efficiently it helps nursing in providing efficient and effective quality care. Opening up for change may actually be a good thing and could bring about wonders you never thought possible. However, though how much help technology is in our activities of daily living, we must learn not to depend on it. We must still know how to act and make decisions, which are the exact things that set us apart from computers and devices.

Usually, a nurse informaticist’s salary ranges from $48,700 to $96,500 yearly.

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Top Challenges in Nursing

Nursing is perceived to be the field that houses the so-called modern-day superheroes. Nurses, with their ability to save lives and care for the sick and injured are believed to be super people with a lot of strength and can do numerous things. However, like ordinary people, nurses have limitations in their line of work […]

Multiple Sclerosis

We have always believed that our immune system is our shield when it comes to combating various bacteria and diseases, never in our minds have we considered what may happen if our immune system itself turns its back on us. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic and potentially incapacitating disease wherein your own body’s immune […]

Interesting Facts About Nursing Around the World

The nursing profession, like any other thing in this world has undergone change for a couple of times. From practices to beliefs, it had experienced evolution as it continuously tries to cope with the rapid changes in nursing demands and health care issues. We are all aware that there are other religious beliefs and cultural […]

Understanding NGT

As nurses and student nurses, we oftentimes find patients during hospital duties with that narrow and long tube dangling from their noses. Yeah, we have come to know that is called a Nasogastric Tube or most well known with its abbreviation, NGT. Back in nursing school, when everybody starts going to hospitals for duties, a […]