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Clinical and Hospital Information System

Paper-Based Patient Health Records The main repository of the information of the patient. Essentially needed by the nurses and healthcare provider to record their observations and plans so that they again encounter the same condition to other patients. Has been with the health industry a century ago that has struggled to adjust to accommodate to […]

Dependability of Nursing Informatics System

Dependable System Is the measure of the reliability, integrity and performance of the system. Trustworthiness of a computing system which allows reliance to be justifiability placed on the service it delivers. Availability performance and its influencing factor such as reliability performance, maintainability performance and maintenance support performance. Measure of the effectiveness of the healthcare delivery, […]

Thai Nurse forced to Resign because of ‘Overly Sexy Uniform’

Photos of a nurse from Thailand went viral after dressing an “Overly sexy uniform’. Thailand is known for being a very conservative country. Parichat ‘Pang‘ Chatsri was said to have brought “shame to her profession” after some of her private photos were shared on the group page of the Thai Nurse Lovers Association and instantly […]

Nursing Ladder of Success

Becoming a CNA is not only a good career, it’s also a great way to gain nursing experience and get your foot in the healthcare door. Many people start off as CNA’s and eventually become registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and sometimes even doctors. Take a look at the different levels of nursing and how each […]

How to be Patient with your Patients

To care for the sick. To assist patients to independence. To be angels of the sick room. Those have always been some of the main reasons why nurses chose to enter the nursing profession. To care. To serve. To be of help. As we pursue our journey as nurses, we have learned along the way […]

Nursing Interventions for Contact Dermatitis

Keep the patient’s nails cut short. Cutting the nail will reduce skin damage due to scratching. Apply lotions and creams skin immediately after bathing.Hydration is effective in preventing disruption of the stratum corneum layer of the skin barrier. Protect the patient’s skin from the the possibility of maceration (excessive hydration of the stratum corneum) when […]