Black Patients in Nursing Homes have Higher Risks of Pressure Ulcers

A new study has been said that Black nursing home residents are most likely to develop sores and blisters that may eventually lead to bone and muscle damage THAN White nursing home residents.

These disparity is based on the differences of care between homes with predominantly black or white patients – and not necessarily that individual nursing homes are providing better care to white patients than black.

“In general, nursing homes are lacking appropriate resources,” said study author Yue Li, from the University of Iowa in Iowa City. In homes with more black patients, “the problems are particularly pronounced.”

Enough nurses is the key to prevent blisters and sores (aka pressure ulcers) to keep a close watch on patients.

Patients who are bedridden or confined to a wheel chair are generally prone to sores. It happens because of too much pressure on the skin and the tissues begin to break down because it doesn’t get enough blood. If not treated, it could lead to bone and muscle damage.

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