Nursing Interventions for Chronic Bronchitis

Nursing Interventions: Chronic Bronchitis

  1. Answer the patients questions and encourage him and his family to express their concerns about the illness.
  2. As needed, perform chest physiotherapy, including postural drainage and chest percussion and vibration for involved lobes several times daily.
  3. Make sure the patient receives adequate fluids (at least 3 liters per day) to loosen secretions.
  4. Schedule respiratory therapy for the patient at least 1 hour before or after meals.
  5. Provide mouth care after bronchodilator inhalation therapy.
  6. Encourage daily activity and provide diversional activities as appropriate.
  7. To conserve the patient’s energy and prevent fatigue, help him to alternate periods of rest and activity.
  8. Administer medications as ordered and note the patient’s response to them.
  9. Assess the patient for changes in baseline respiratory function.
  10. Evaluate sputum quality and quantity, restlessness, increased tachypnea, and altered breath sounds. Report changes immediately.
  11. Monitor the patient’s weight by weighing him three times weekly. Assess for edema.
  12. Evaluate the patient’s nutritional status regularly.
  13. Watch the patient for signs and symptoms of respiratory infection, such as fever, increased cough and sputum production, and purulent sputum.
  14. Advise the patient to avoid crowds and people with known infections and obtain influenza and pneumococcus immunizations.

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