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Road to the Future: Nursing Informatics

Road to the Future: Nursing Informatics

Change isn’t always bad. Sometimes, it may bring about advantages that may be of help in improving life situations, take for example technology and how efficiently it helps nursing in providing efficient and effective quality care. Opening up for change may actually be a good thing and could bring about wonders you never thought possible. However, though how much help technology is in our activities of daily living, we must learn not to depend on it. We must still know how to act and make decisions, which are the exact things that set us apart from computers and devices.

Usually, a nurse informaticist’s salary ranges from $48,700 to $96,500 yearly.

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Patient and Consumer Health Informatics

Focused on patient and consumer service particularly on: Developing an effective way to communicate with the patient and customer without sacrificing the ultimate responsibilities of the nurses. Development of system for the improvement of existing information and communication systems. Participate in the implementation of the integration of nursing informatics in the Philippines. Development information system […]