Intravenous (IV) Therapy: Discontinuing an IV

Intravenous (IV) Therapy: Discontinuing an IV

Verify written doctor’s order to discontinue IV including IV medicines

Observe ten (10) Rs.

Assess and inform the patient of the discontinuation of IV infusion & of any medicine.

Prepare the necessary materials: IV tray or injection tray with sterile cotton balls with alcohol, plaster, pick-up forceps in antiseptic solution, kidney basin, Band-Aid.

Wash hands before and after procedure.

Close the roller clamp of the IV administration set.

Moisten adhesive tapes around the IV catheter with cotton ball with alcohol; remove plaster gently.

Use pick-up forceps to get cotton ball with alcohol and without applying pressure, remove needle or IV catheter then immediately apply pressure over the venipuncture site.

Discard all waste materials including the IV cannula according to Health Care Waste Management (DOH/DENR).

Reassure patient.

Document time of discontinuance, status of insertion site and integrity of IV catheter and endorse accordingly.

This copy of the procedures from the 7th edition of the Nursing Standards on Intravenous Practice by ANSAP was reproduced for educational purposes of Filipino student nurses and registered nurses who need to review and study the procedures prior to actual IVT training and practicum.

40 thoughts on “Intravenous (IV) Therapy: Discontinuing an IV

  1. I miss the hospital setting
    ..and miss my nurse co workers coming to get me to start the IV’s… and the patients smiles to see me
    ..they forgot to mention to make sure that the plastic thread was all there when you remove from the vein..otherwise very good!!

  2. Cotton balls with alcohol and forcep? I think it’s a bit too much. Yeah wash your hand before the procedure then we use gloves then was our wash after the procedure. It’s more pracrical. Although I work in a European country bur never encounter that.

  3. I just pop a glove on, get my dot bandaid ready, quickly rip the tape off around the cannula and once all the tape is off, I wrap it up around the cannula and pull the cannula out. Quickly put the dot there and apply pressure and all done! If I know they are on blood thinners, I will put pressure with a gauze for a little bit longer and then put the dot bandaid on.

  4. Always wear gloves when in contact w blood or body fluid that’s not your own (blood can splatter when removing IV if patient moves); gently remove clear dressing, keeping IV in skin; Use dry gauze and apply slight pressure while slowly removing IV cannula from skin (alcohol will make the site bleed and possibly bruise); apply tape to gauze (if band aids are used, the site may start to bleed again if small pressure dressing is not applied).

  5. After washing and gloving. It all starts with the smallest flash then stop! Pull the need out, flush and float in with saline. Stubborn veins enter from the side. Works about 90% of the time. If all else fails heat up the heat with warm blankets and try again.

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