How to Administer Dorsogluteal Injection

This video demonstrates how to administer dorsogluteal injection.

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18 thoughts on “How to Administer Dorsogluteal Injection

  1. Why are we still teaching nursing students to administer dorsogluteal injections!! This is not a safe place to be… how many patients have sciatic nerve damage from IM injections incorrectly administered? I would never, never use this site on my patients. When I give an IM injection post open-heart surgery… I educate my patients on the safest place to give an injection (IM) being “in their leg”… (vastus lateralis)… let’s protect our patients from long term nerve damage and stop using the dorsogluteal site.

  2. I’m a student graduating in March. We were taught for im’s not to use the dorsogluteal method. We were shown how to do it but that method has not been used anymore in labs. The hospitals use the VL or Deltoid.

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